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J-927: Getting Started in Airbrush $23.00

Authors: David Miller & Diana Martin. North Light Books

Our Price: $23.00
J-937 A Singular View $35.00

The Art of Seeing with one Eye by Frank B. Brady.

Our Price: $35.00
J-912: Dictionary of Prosthetic Rehabilitation $38.95

Authors: David Trainer, Robert McKinstry and John McFall.  ABI Professional Publications

Our Price: $38.95
J-914: Fundamentals of Facial Prosthetics $105.00

This textbook, edited by Robert E. McKinstry, DMD, MDS, MA, is based on the various sub-specialties concerned.

Our Price: $105.00
J-924: Molding and Casting by Carl Dame Clarke $120.00

An original copy of "Molding and Casting" by Carl Dame Clarke

Our Price: $120.00
J-932: Craniofacial Prostheses $120.00

Author Per-Ingvar Branemark, MD, PhD

Our Price: $120.00
J-933: Cleft Palate Dentistry $120.00

Author: Robert E. McKinstry, DMD, MDS, MA. ABI Professional Publications

Our Price: $120.00
J-934: Journal of American Society of Ocularists $155.00

Complete Set (1977-1996)

Our Price: $155.00
J-913: Stage Makeup $165.00

Authors: Richard Corson and James Glavan. Allyn and Bacon "9th Edition"

Our Price: $165.00
J-902: Osseointegration in Craniofacial Reconstruction $175.00

Editors: Per-Ingvar Branemark, MD, PhD and Dan E. Tolman, DDS, MSD. Quintessence Publishing Company

Our Price: $175.00
J-936: Journal of the American Society of Ocularists $275.00

10 Volume set (1996-2005)

Our Price: $275.00
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