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N-000: Clear Acrylic Nail Polymer

Self Cure Resin, use with pressure pot and warm water.

Our Price: $10.95
AC-211 Fleshtone Self Cure Acrylic Polymer AC-211 Fleshtone Acrylic Polymer

Fleshtone Self Cure Polymer

Our Price: $21.95
F-833 Clear PEMA Polymer F-833: Clear PEMA Polymer

Clear Plasticized Resin

Our Price: $34.95
AC-104-P: Crystal Clear Polymer 16 oz

Crystal Clear Self Cure Polymer.

Our Price: $36.95
Clear Polymer Powder J-600: Clear Polymer (Powder)

Highest quality clear acrylic resin (heat cure)

Our Price: $54.95
J-510 Scleral Polymer (White) J-510: Scleral Polymer (White)

Scleral acrylic resin polymer (heat cure)

Our Price: $61.95