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15665   350g Flexible Vac-U-Mixer
62280   62280: Mollocutters
A-100   A-100: Medical Silicone Adhesive
A-101   A-101: Prosthetic Silicone Elastomer
A-103   A-103: Medical Grade Silicone Elastomer
A-104   A-104: Medical Grade Dispersion
A-106   A-106: Silicone Foam Tin Cure
A-110   A-110 Factor II Silicone 10A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-120-10   A-120 Factor II Silicone 22A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber (30 LB kit)
A-135   A-135 Factor II Silicone 36A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-150   A-150 Factor II Silicone 50A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-165   A-165 Factor II Silicone 61A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-180   A-180 Factor II Silicone 77A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-2000   A-2000: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-2006   A-2006: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-2009-1   A-2009-1: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-2186-F   A-2186-F: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-2186   A-2186: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-221-01   A-221-01: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-221-05   A-221-05: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-223-25   A-223-25: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-223-30   A-223-30: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-223-40   A-223-40: LSR Silicone Elastomer:
A-225-50   A-225-50: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-225-60   A-225-60: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-225-70   A-225-70: LSR Silicone Elastomer
A-244   A-244: Silicone Fluid
A-300-1   A-300-1: Thixotropic Agent
A-300-8   A-300-8: Thixotropic Agent
A-301   A-301: Mold Release
A-304   A-304: Platinum Primer
A-306   A-306: Platinum Primer
A-310-1   A-310-1: Silicone Fluid
A-310-20   A-310-20: Silicone Fluid
A-310   A-310: Silicone Fluid
A-313   A-313: Functional Silicone Fluid
A-315   A-315: HD Solution
A-317   A-317: Platinum Accelerator
A-318   A-318: Silicone Fluid OH Thinner
A-330-GOLD   A-330-G: Platinum Primer
A-340   A-340 HS Firm Gel
A-341   A-341:Silicone Soft Gel
A-4100   A-4100: RTV Silicone Adhesive
A-416   A-416: Silicone Mold Release
A-4230   A-4230 Platinum Silicone Foam
A-4300-   A-4300: RTV Silicone Adhesive
A-4520-HCRA-   A-4520-HCRA Elkem Silicone 20A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-4530-HCRA-   A-4530-HCRA Elkem Silicone 30A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-4550-HCRA   A-4550-HCRA Elkem Silicone 50A (HCRA) High Consistency Rubber
A-4565-HCRA-   A-4565-HCRA Elkem Silicone 65A (HCR) High Consistency Rubber
A-4717   A-4717: High Tack Silicone Gel
A-501   A-501: Zinc Stearate
A-503   A-503: Silicone Mold Release
A-504-3   A-504-3: Ultra 3 Polyester Parfilm Spray
A-504-4   A-504-4: Ultra 4 Polyester Parfilm Spray
A-505   A-505: Epoxy Parfilm Spray
A-515   A-515: Ease Release 200
A-530   A-530: Silicone to Silicone Mold Release
A-564   A-564: Medical Silicone Adhesive
A-588-1   A-588-1: Realistic Silicone Elastomer
A-588-2   A-588-2: Realistic Silicone Elastomer
A-801   A-801 PVA Clear
A-830   A-830: ACETONE
A-832   A-832: Xylene
A-840   A-840: CCH Solvent
A-860-G   A-860 Isopropal Alcohol
A-RTV-04   A-RTV-04: Silicone Elastomer
A-RTV-05   A-RTV-05: Silicone Elastomer
A-RTV-3020   A-RTV-3020: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-RTV-3040-A-RTV-3045-   A-RTV-3040/A-RTV-3045/A-RTV-3020: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-RTV-4040   A-RTV-4040 / A-RTV-4020: Platinum Silicone Elastomer
A-RTV-70-50mil   A-RTV-70 50 ml. cartridge
AC-104-K   AC-104-K: Crystal Clear Kit
AC-104   AC-104-M: Crystal Clear Monomer 8 oz
AC-104-P   AC-104-P: Crystal Clear Polymer 16 oz
AC-198   AC-198: Self Cure Monomer 8 oz.
AC-210   AC-210: Fleshtone Self Cure Acrylic Kit
AC-211   AC-211 Fleshtone Acrylic Polymer
AL-192b   AL-192b: Baseplate Wax
AL-195   AL-195: Utility Wax Strips
AL-204-1   AL-204-1: Mandrel
AL-207   AL-207: Heavy Duty Mandrel
EGY-1   Anamatronic Artificial Eye Set
B-100   B-100: Skin Prep - Wipe On
B-105   B-105: Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes
B-106   B-106: UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover
B-200-09   B-200-09: Daro Brand Antimicrobial Agent
B-200-12   B-200-12: Daro Brand Antibacterial Soap
B-200-30   B-200-30: Daro Adhesive Hydrobond
B-200-ES   B-200-ES: Daro Adhesive Extra Strength
B-200-R   B-200-R: Daro Adhesive Regular
B-201   B-201: Hollister 7730-Medical Silicone Spray Adhesive
B-203-15   B-203-15: Edge Adhesive
B-204   B-204: Pros Aide Adhesive - 2 oz
B-205   B-205: 3M Double Sided Surgical Tape
B-206   B-206: Detachol Adhesive Remover
B-207   B-207: Skin Prep Pump
B-208   B-208: Pros-Aide Adhesive Remover
B-227   B-227 Double Sided Gel Adhesive Tape
B-302   B-302: Ocular Silicone Lubricant
B-3808   B-3808: Ethyl Acetate
B-400   B-400: Secure Medical Adhesive
B-400N   B-400N: Secure Medical Adhesive
B-460   B-460: Secure II Medical Adhesive
B-460N   B-460N: Secure II Medical Adhesive
B-508   B-508: Secure Solvent
B-510   B-510: Bond Off from Ben Nye
B-515   B-515: D-Limonene
B-530   B-530: NFS Nonflammable Adhesive
B-608-1   B-608-1: Pro Bond Solvent
B-608-M   B-608-M: Pro Bond Solvent Mitts
B-708   B-708 Non Flammable Solvent
B-7731   B-7731: Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover
B-LAC1   B-LAC1: Mini Magnacap
B-LAC2-OR   B-LAC2-OR: Maxi Magnacap Auricular Lab Analogue Gen 2
B-LAC2   B-LAC2: Maxi Magnacap
B-MA1-S   B-MA1-S: Mini Magnabutment
B-MA2-S   B-MA2-S: Maxi Magnabutment
B-MC1-S   B-MC1-S: Mini Magnacap
B-MC2-OR-S   B-MC2-OR-S: Maxi Magnacap
B-MC2-S   B-MC2-S: Maxi Magnacap
BL-100   BL-100: Bench Lathe Kit
AL-517   Boley Gauge
A-321   Bonding Enhancer
BT-401   BT-401: Secure Medical Adhesive
BT-460   BT-460: Secure Medical Adhesive
AL-627   Cement Spatula
CF1   CF1: Mini Hand Capfit Tool
CF2   CF2: Maxi Hand Capfit Tool
CF3   CF3: Mini Latch Capfit Tool
CF4   CF4: Maxi Latch Capfit Tool
20GC   Convection Laboratory Oven
30GC   Convection Laboratory Oven
40GC   Convection Laboratory Oven
AL-533A   Curved Serrated Cotton Pliers
CW-1   CW-1: Color Wheel
D-109   D-109: Cab-O-Sil
D-201-5   D-201-5: Polypropylene Medicine Cups
D-201-P   D-201-P: Polypropylene Medicine Cups
D-209-N   D-209-N: Primer Tip Applicators
D-209   D-209: Cotton Tip Applicators
D-210   D-210: Wood Tongue Depressors
D-212-1   D-212-1: Vacuum Chamber 1 Gallon
D-316   D-316: Alcohol Torch
D-317   D-317 HCR Pinwheel HCR Hand Tool
D-318   D-318 HCR 3 Wheel Pinwheel
D-36Y   D-36Y: Mold Banding Strap
D-48G   D-48G: Mold Banding Strap
DG-1-A   DG-1-A: 50ml Manual Cartridge Dispensing Gun (A/B style)
DG-1-S   DG-1-S: 50ml Manual Cartridge Dispensing Gun (S style)
DG-10-A   DG-10-A: 50ml Manual Cartridge Dispensing Gun (A style)
DG-10-S   DG-10-S: 50ml Manual Cartridge Dispensing Gun (S style)
DG-200-LSR-P-K   DG-200-LSR Pneumatic Kit
DG-200-LSR   DG-200-LSR: Silicone Cartridge 200 ml
DG-200   DG-200: 200ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Gun
DG-400-LSR-P-K   DG-400-LSR Pneumatic Kit
DG-400-LSR   DG-400-LSR: Silicone Cartridge 400 ml
DG-400   DG-400: 400ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Gun
DG-50-LSR-M-K   DG-50-LSR Manual Kit
DG-50-LSR-P-K   DG-50-LSR Pneumatic Kit
DG-50-LSR   DG-50-LSR: Silicone Cartridge 50 ml
DG-50-RTV-M-K   DG-50-RTV Manual Kit
DG-50   DG-50: 50 ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Gun
SC-1000   Digital Gram Scale
H-200   Dry Pigment
E-1217   E-1217: Centroform EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine
E-1827   E-1827: Centroform EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine
E-1950   E-1950: Desktop Two Roll Mill
E-1955-   E-1955 Econo 2 Roll Mill
E-MA1-S   E-MA1-S: Mini Magnabutment
E-MA2-S   E-MA2-S: Maxi Magnabutment
FE-spectromatch   E-Skin Spectromatch Spectrometer kit
E-Skin-FE   E-Skin-FE: Spectromatch Individual colors
A-RTV-4410   Elkem RTV-4410
A-RTV-4420   Elkem RTV-4420
LSR-4301   Elkem LSR-4301 (A-221-01)
LSR-4305   Elkem LSR-4305 Silicone Elastomer (A-221-05)
LSR-4330   Elkem LSR-4330 Silicone Elastomer (A-223-30)
LSR-4340   Elkem LSR-4340 Silicone Elastomer (A-223-40)
LSR-4350   Elkem LSR-4350 Silicone Elastomer (A-225-50)
LSR-4360   Elkem LSR-4360 Silicone Elastomer (A-225-60)
LSR-4370   Elkem LSR-4370 Silicone Elastomer (A-225-70)
RTV-4040   Elkem RTV 4040: Platinum Silicone Elastomer (A-RTV-4040)
BS-A-4100   Elkem RTV 4100 / V40064 Silicone Adhesive
BS-A-4300   Elkem RTV 4300 / V40076 Silicone Adhesive
RTV-4545   Elkem RTV-4545 Silicone Elastomer (A-RTV-04) 2 lb kit.
564-Kit   Extrinsic Sealing Kit
564-NFS-Kit   Extrinsic Sealing Kit Non Flammable
501710   Eyebrows
501701   Eyelashes
F-833   F-833: Clear PEMA Polymer
F-835   F-835: Soft Heat Cure PEMA Monomer 8 oz
F-901   F-901: Separating Film
F-907   F-907 Model Surfactant
J-915   Facial and Body Prosthesis
FE-100   FE-100: Extrinsic Solvent
FE-1999   FE-1999: Extrinsic Coloration System
FE-SK01   FE: Functional Extrinsic - Silicone Coloring System
FI-CG   FI- Color Guide

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