MM-100 Epoxy Surface Coat Kit $31.95 High Durometer Silicone Cartridge 200ml $34.95
This is a white, two-part, hydrophilic epoxy resin (cures in the presence of water). A Two-Part Healthcare, High Clarity/High Strength LSR Silicone
B-608-1 Pro Bond Solvent- Starting @ $4.95 American Optical Artificial Eyes (Singles $250) (Pair $400)
Pro Bond Solvent for cleaning silicone adhesive residue from the prosthesis and skin.
American Optical Artificial Eyes
High quality acrylic artificial eyes in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors.

Centroform EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine ( 4-6 Week Lead Time) FI- Functional Intrinsic II - Silicone Coloring System - Individual Bottles $23.50
EZFORM® Vacuum Forming Machine
EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine used for a variety of production and prototyping projects. FI- Functional Intrinsic II - Silicone Coloring System - Individual Bottles

All Daro and water based adhesives must be shipped second day air to keep from freezing, in effect from 11/1/14 until approximately 5/1/15

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Multiple Durometer Silicone Kit
Multiple Durometer Silicone Kit

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B-400, B-401, B-402 Secure Medical Adhesive-Starting @ $17.95
KT-699 Complete Functional Silicone Coloring Kit $539.95
RTV Silicone Adhesive
Daro Brand Antibacterial Soap $4.95

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Two Roll Mill
ProColour Kit $67.95
Convection Oven
BCM-16 Bald Cap Material
Two Roll Mill With Extra Gear

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