American Optical Artificial Eyes (Singles $250) (Pair $400) FI- Functional Intrinsic II - Silicone Coloring System - Individual Bottles $23.50

American Optical Artificial Eyes
High quality acrylic artificial eyes in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors.

FI- Functional Intrinsic II - Silicone Coloring System - Individual Bottles
MM-100 Epoxy Surface Coat Kit $31.95 High Durometer Silicone Cartridge 200ml $34.95
This is a white, two-part, hydrophilic epoxy resin (cures in the presence of water). A Two-Part Healthcare, High Clarity/High Strength LSR Silicone
B-608-1 Pro Bond Solvent- Starting @ $4.95 Centroform EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine ( 4-6 Week Lead Time)
EZFORM® Vacuum Forming Machine
Pro Bond Solvent for cleaning silicone adhesive residue from the prosthesis and skin. EZFORMŽ Vacuum Forming Machine used for a variety of production and prototyping projects.

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be returning on 12-1-14.

All Daro and water based adhesives must be shipped second day air to keep from freezing, in effect
from 11/1/14 until approximately 5/1/15

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Multiple Durometer Silicone Kit
Multiple Durometer Silicone Kit

Top Sellers

B-400, B-401, B-402 Secure Medical Adhesive-Starting @ $17.95
RTV Silicone Adhesive
KT-699 Complete Functional Silicone Coloring Kit $539.95
Daro Brand Antibacterial Soap $4.95

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Two Roll Mill With Extra Gear
Two Roll Mill
On Skin Silicones - Special Effects Cartridge Delivery System $34.00
Convection Oven
ProColour Kit $67.95

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