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Factor II, Incorporated

The Art, Science and Technology of Silicones and Prosthetics

Since 1978 Factor II, Inc. has been recognized as the innovative leader in the application and advancement of prosthetic materials. Today, Factor II, Inc. is the most comprehensive supplier of medical, prosthetic, and three dimensional make-up supplies in the world.

Hours of Operation We are open Monday through Thursday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. CLOSED ON FRIDAYS!!!. Arizona does not recognize Daylight Savings Time and therefore Arizona switches back and forth between Pacific Standard (Summer) and Mountain Standard Time (Winter).

Holidays: Factor II is closed on all major holidays. If a holiday is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we may also be closed on the day before or after in observation of that holiday. Please be aware that Factor II often closes for business starting December 24th (Christmas Eve) and may not return until the next business day after the New Year's holiday (approximately 1-2 weeks). During this time orders will not ship until we return from our holiday break.

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